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Make Grey Water Work For You And The Environment

Grey water is the water that has already been used in the following ways around the home and office. It is not the water from the toilet, bidet or other kitchen-bound functions. This is known as black water and should … Continue reading
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Set Up a Home Recycling System

In many countries, the government or local municipalities have set up a formal recycling system, where each household gets different containers in which to put food waste, paper, glass, plastic and tin. This is, however, not standard practice in all … Continue reading
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Conservation Counts

Being greenminded is about finding ways to live your life in the most eco-friendly, responsible way. It is about making efforts to ensure that we have as positive an effect as possible on our environment and its human and animal … Continue reading
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Glass Trumps Plastic

Glass, made from melted sand particles, has been used for centuries for a wide variety of applications. These range from vessels (like wine glasses, jars and dishes) to d├ęcor, design and even industrial uses. Glass is also used extensively in … Continue reading
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Living High on Hemp

Hemp has received much exposure, not only for its coming from the Cannabis genus (and, therefore, or questionable value and origin), but also for its versatility and the many uses for which it is known. The variety used for these … Continue reading
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Rooibos Tea Comes Tops

Rooibos tea, also known as Red Bush Tea (Aspalathus linearis), is fast becoming a favourite amongst health fundis and tea enthusiasts around the world. It hails from the Cedarburg region in the Western Cape of South Africa, made from the … Continue reading
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A Greenminded Bathroom

The bathroom and toilet of a home are certainly the most water-intensive areas of the entire house. Each flush of the toilet uses about four litres of water in a modern toilet. Older toilets can use up to about 15 … Continue reading
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Going Green at the Office

Whether you are a business owner or are simply an employee that is committed to being as greenminded as possible in every sphere of your life, there are a number of initiatives that you can take to be more greenminded … Continue reading
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Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Christmas is an occasion that families eagerly anticipate all over the world. However, it requires a lot of consumption, whether of time, fuel, money or natural resources, and leaves a significant negative imprint on the environment. Here are some tips … Continue reading
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Raise Your Children to be Greenminded

The fact that children are spending more and more time in front of the computer or television has not escaped the notice of most parents and teachers. This has been as a result of a combination of factors; including the … Continue reading
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