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The World’s Greenest Brands

Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, recently conducted a global survey of the greenest brands in the world. To do this, Interbrand had to surveys among 10 000 consumers from the top 10 consumer markets in the world. These are:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. Italy
  8. Brazil
  9. Spain
  10. India

These consumers were given a list of questions, the answers to which would reveal their brand perspectives. In addition to the consumer perspective, each brand (of which there were about 3 000) is examined regarding its eco-friendly processes and procedures.

Toyota was recognised as the world’s greenest brand. This is largely based on the financial success of the hybrid-electric car, the Prius (a favourite amongst celebrities too), as well as on its outstanding initiatives in saving energy and water, and eliminating or reducing waste and toxic emissions. In addition, Toyota partnered with Tesla, which is an all-electric brand, upping its own green status considerably. Today, Toyota is the market leader in the sales of hybrid vehicles.

The other companies that made it to the top five were 3M, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson and HP.

There were also companies that were rewarded for their sustainable practices, but that did not rank highly because they did not market themselves sufficiently in this arena. These include HSBC, L’Oreal and Nokia. Conversely, companies like McDonald’s, General Electric and Coca-Cola were found to be marketing their greenminded practices far better than they implemented them.

Such surveys are very valuable, both to those in the industrial sectors, and to the consumers that are genuinely committed to supporting greenminded products. As the demand for such products (and services) increases, so companies will be forced to examine their processes and improve them for the health and well-being of the Earth and its precious inhabitants.

Photo Credit: My Prius

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