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Odour Control the Greenminded Way

Instead of using sprays that fill the atmosphere and your lungs with harmful gasses and chemicals, try natural odour removers instead. These are usually more effective, as chemical sprays tend to simply mask the smells, rather than eliminating them completely.

Here are some common smelly problems and the natural odour removers that are best suited to handling them effectively:

  • General kitchen odours – place saucers or small bowls of white vinegar around the kitchen (or any other room, for that matter). Alternatively, boil one tablespoon of the white vinegar in a cup of water. As the mixture boils, it will soak up the bad smells.
  • Burnt food – boil a small pot of water with lemon slices or lemon juice in it and then simmer, uncovered, for a few minutes. The smell of charred food will soon have dissipated.
  • Refrigerator smells – soak a ball of cotton wool in vanilla essence (pure or slightly diluted) and place this on a small plate in the fridge. Alternatively, place unused ground coffee in a small bowl and store this, uncovered, in your refrigerator. This will reduce unpleasant odours and it will give your fridge a delightful aroma.
  • Musty smells – put a slice of bread into a deep bowl and cover the bread with white vinegar. Place the bowl, bread and vinegar into the musty-smelling item (whether a drawer, cupboard or suitcase), and allow it to stand for about 24 hours.
  • Dampness – cedar or pine wood shavings are very effective for general odour removal, but especially for smells caused by dampness as they absorb the moisture too.
  • Smelly shoes – place a piece of chalk into your stinky running shoes to absorb moisture and bad smells. Chalk is generally useful for pongs, even if simply placed on the shelves or in drawers.
  • Cigarette smoke – sprinkle baking soda onto the furniture, clothing and curtains that smell and leave it there for a good few hours. Afterwards, simply remove it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • General – whether it is spilt milk, cat urine or old food, baking soda is very effective in removing smells. Simply place it in a bowl or plate and put it in the vicinity of the smell.

If there is no particularly bad smell, but you would like to give your home a pleasant scent, wrap cinnamon sticks loosely in tin foil and place these in a hot oven. Once you can tell that the smell inside the oven is strong, switch it off and open the door so that the scent can permeate the house. Alternatively, drip your favourite essence or aromatherapy oil onto a small ball of cotton wool and place these around the house for a gorgeous, welcoming perfume.

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