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Solar Power

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as the price and negative effects of electrical consumption continues to increase. Solar panels work by actively converting the energy from the solar radiation of the sun into electricity. The larger the solar panel, the more energy it can collect and convert. So, a smaller house will need fewer panels than a large house or a business. Some panels are mounted onto swivel stands, which move with the sun throughout the day and allow them to convert as much solar energy as possible.

Heating the water that the household or employees use takes a significant amount of electrical energy. In fact, any appliance that is required to heat up (such as a kettle, toaster, hair dryer or tumble dryer) generally uses more power than those that simply need electricity to run (televisions, DVD players, and so on). It has been estimated that about 50% of a home’s electrical usage is as a direct result of having to heat water. Therefore, using solar water heating methods presents many benefits.

In addition to the immediate and long-term cost benefits, solar power will also add value to your home or property, benefiting the next buyers and allowing you to recoup your investment by charging a little more. Potential buyers are likely to see the cost-saving benefits of using solar power over conventional electricity, appreciating the added value of your property.

Importantly, solar panels are environmentally beneficial. Solar energy uses a natural resource (the sun), but does not rob it of any of its strength or exploit its natural value. It also produces no pollution or waste products.

In addition, it is minimising the amount of electricity you use. This decreases the possibility of needing to upgrade your supply infrastructure due to overuse. Rather, electricity will be used only for the necessities (if at all), conserving such power and energy.

Because the solar panels get their energy from the sun, your water will remain hot and your appliances active even during times of blackouts or a faulty electrical line. This negates the need for a generator, and is especially useful to businesses as well as homes that are situated far from the city centre and its amenities. The solar power from even an overcast day will generate enough heat and energy for a household for the night.

Unlike many power lines and electrical boxes, solar panels are discreet and tasteful, not intrusive in their design.

While the initial cost of solar panels may be higher than the electricity that seems more freely available, these panels will end up saving individuals and companies a lot of money. More importantly, they will also present major positive impacts for the environment and its natural gems.

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