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Make Grey Water Work For You And The Environment

Grey water is the water that has already been used in the following ways around the home and office. It is not the water from the toilet, bidet or other kitchen-bound functions. This is known as black water and should … Continue reading
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Glass Trumps Plastic

Glass, made from melted sand particles, has been used for centuries for a wide variety of applications. These range from vessels (like wine glasses, jars and dishes) to décor, design and even industrial uses. Glass is also used extensively in … Continue reading
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The A to Z of Unusual Recyclables

A Aerosol cans – recycle these with other aluminium tins. Ensure that the plastic lid is removed and that there is nothing inside the can. Antiperspirant and deodorant sticks – break the stick up into its components and recycle the … Continue reading
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Building Your Greenminded Home

Building your own home is, no doubt, a very exciting venture. There is plenty of planning to do, and this is no cheap task, but having your dream home to look forward to is most rewarding. However, those who value … Continue reading
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Greenminded Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Your wedding is supposed to be special, memorable and ultimately grand, although that may mean different things to different couples. However, every year, weddings generate an enormous amount of waste. Resources are used, sometimes indiscriminately, and money is spent on … Continue reading
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Recycling Old T-shirts

Old t-shirts have a knack of creeping into the back of your cupboard, rearing their ugly heads in one mangled, worn and a little holey mass five years after their ‘sell by date’. But, they also seem to hold a … Continue reading
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Setup a Home Recycling System

recycling-boxesIn many countries, the government or local municipalities have set up a formal recycling system, where each household gets different containers in which to put food waste, paper, glass, plastic and tin. This is, however, not standard practice in all … Continue reading
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Stop Junk Mail!

Junk mail generates an inordinate amount of paper waste in homes and business around the world. In electronic format, it wastes time and resources better spent elsewhere. Most people simply discard it without paying attention to its content at all, … Continue reading
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E-waste – The Gory Details

E-waste, or electronic waste, refers to the waste generated by unused, discarded and / or obsolete electronic devices. These are often discarded in irresponsible or insufficient ways, particularly in developing lands that are not sufficiently equipped to handle such waste. … Continue reading
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